Creating a Centre of Excellence
for Western African Health Care

• Ghana International Integrated Specialist Hospital Complex (Complex) is a multi-faceted real estate development proposed for Accra, Ghana

• It is centred around a 1000-bed hospital coupled with a medical faculty

• In Phase 1, the hospital will be developed as a 500 bed hospital capable of providing primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare

That phase of the development will further encompass:

• a medical faculty (school of medicine)

• accommodation facilities to house staff from the hospital and students at the faculty

• a commercial real estate node, encompassing retail outlets, a hotel and offices

Other elements still being considered for inclusion under Phase 1 include:

• the incorporation of a medical research centre at the medical faculty

• the establishment of clinics to feed into the hospital

A few points to Emphasis at this juncture

• the Complex development is modular

• its development will be phased

• throughout all phases the hospital & medical faculty remain core to the development

We are poised to Enhancing
Healthcare in Ghana

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