What the Challenges we seek to address?

• The net loss of revenue from Africa to outbound medical tourism runs into billions of Dollars
• Medical care is either not available or prohibitively expensive in West Africa, and this drives West African patients to other markets

Some of the key contributing factors to this scenario include:
-The unavailability of hospital beds
-Inadequate medical facilities
-Unavailability of specialist doctors in the market – many pursue opportunities abroad

The healthcare facilities forming part of the Complex will be:

• World-class BUT

• Practical to the needs of the people

• These facilities, together with the human capital and culture of the hospital and medical faculty will serve as a magnet to medical specialist in the diaspora

• At the same time the medical faculty will be growing the number of qualified West African doctors over time

Although based in Ghana:

• The hospital, medical faculty and medical research centre will serve health care needs of the broader West African region primarily through referrals, training and medical research
• It will impact health care services throughout the African continent by facilitating collaboration, information sharing and attracting.

• It will attract medical practitioners from across Africa and other parts of the Globe.