Creating a Centre of Excellence

The hospital concept proposed for the Complex is an academic referral hospital which serves as a Centre of Excellence functioning in its private capacity and for profit
As a part of providing a complete tertiary care (super speciality care) to the people of Ghana at affordable costs, this project will be starting a high end referral and teaching hospital in the country

The hospital will :
• Receive the overflow of patients seeking specialist medical care (tertiary healthcare) at the country’s Teaching Hospitals; and
• Retain patients from Ghana and other countries within ECOWAS who would otherwise have sought specialist medical care outside the country (outbound medical referrals)

• Additionally, the hospital will provide primary and secondary healthcare to the local population

• The hospital also aims is to provide a local state-of the art hospital to retain Ghanaian outbound medical referrals who seek healthcare abroad due to the capacity constraints at the countries public referral hospitals and to increase specialist healthcare capacity in the country

• Various outpatient clinics, including an HIV clinic and various medical specialties, an antenatal care clinic and allied health specialists will be an important referral base (and source of revenue) for the hospital