Key Service offerings at Hospital

• The Hospital will have a dedicated accident and emergency and trauma unit with 6 resuscitation beds, 14 admission bays, 30 inpatient trauma beds and a Trauma and Surgical ICU. This will set the hospital apart as a centre of excellence in Trauma cases within a world-class environment.

• As part of the hospital’s trauma and surgery unit, a trauma and reconstructive surgery unit will add great value to the hospital, since there are no much dedicated high-quality world-class facilities in Ghana for burns patients and patients requiring plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Major SpecialitiesOut Patient Services
CardiologyPET CT - Scan
Cardiac SurgeryCT Scan - 320 Slice CT
Oncology (Medical, Surgical & Radiation)MRI - 3 Tesla
NeurologyCyber Knife / True Beam
Neuro SurgeryEndoscopy / Laproscopy
NephrologyCath Lab
Internal MedicineTMT
General SurgeryUltrasound
Obs & GynecX-ray - Digital
Padiatrics & Neo Natal CarePharmacy - 24 Hours
Gastro - Endoscopy - Laproscopy
Cosmetic Surgery
Pulmanology & Respiratory Medicine